About St. George Technology - Supplier of Premium Acrylic Powder

About St. George Technology

Premium Supplier of Acrylic Powder

With nearly 40 years of experience in the biomedical, dental and cosmetic industries, St. George Technology has a proven track record for:

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Performance Polymers from a company you can trust!

Global Supply Chain

As part of a vertically integrated manufacturer with a highly diversified global supply chain, we have a proven track record of successfully collaborating with customers and vendors of all sizes.

Our custom acrylics are manufactured in world class factories with the best reliability and reproducibility in the industry. We are an acrylic manufacturer of the most demanding applications ranging from cosmetics to medical appliances to the aerospace industry. We work with customers on clinical research, product development and successful launch of many acrylic products. 

We place a strong emphasis on developing close collaborative relationships with all vendors, maintaining the highest level of raw material integrity as well as mitigating supply interruptions.We recognize the importance of our products in our customers’ supply chains and maintain capacity and stock safeguards to provide diversity and avoid supply disruption.

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World Class Science

Our world class scientists continuously research and develop our extensive line of acrylics and specialized polymers for the industrial, dental and cosmetic industries.

We manufacture our Excel® Formula denture base products as well as our cosmetic nail materials in highly specialized reactors. This ensures complete control over product specifications, quality, performance and consistency. Industries who use our products find them to have a very narrow and consistent range of particle size. This allows our acrylics to have unmatched properties and working characteristics that enables technicians to continuously create the highest quality and most incredible products.

At St. George Technology, we make technology work for you!


Our History

St. George Technology is part of the Makevale Group and has been in operation since 1993. Makevale is a UK family business with a commitment to innovation and rapid expansion. Today we’re an industry leader in the development and production of custom-made polymers for dental, cosmetics, medical, casting and industrial applications.

We invented the world’s first cadmium-free dental polymer and through extensive research, continue to bring pioneering products to the market. Makevale is one of the very few companies offering high-grade PMMA for medical use. Makevale is also a private label supplier to many of the top dental firms worldwide.

Our vast technical knowledge, strong customer collaboration, creative inventiveness and the highest degree of customer service mean we move quickly on new ideas. Our minds are always focused on future innovation tailored to our customers’ needs.

St. George Technology means Performance Polymers.

Our Mission and Values


At our core, we are a diversified group of passionate individuals dedicated to research, development and manufacturing of the most innovative acrylic polymers for distribution throughout the world. 

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Global Locations

  • Wilmington, North Carolina USA
  • Ware, UK
  • Blackpool, UK
  • Gujarat, India

Problem Solving

Our forward-thinking ensures that products meet our customers’ exacting standards. Through our group’s strong commitment to research and development, we pride ourselves on technical problem solving that brings unique and amazing products to market.


We develop and support project compliance for world class manufacturers in many industries. We have developed a culture of thought and precision. We have built one of the most dedicated and reliable development and operations groups found on the globe.


We perform as a team, working in close collaboration with our customers and their requirements. We listen to their needs, widening our understanding of project scope and expectations. We are small enough to care and to consistently deliver high levels of technical support and customer service.


Our global operations comply with the UK’s strict environmental legislation through setting and monitoring environmental policies that reduce energy consumption and restrict or eliminate the release of VOC’s. All employees are trained on the need to minimize our environmental impact.