About Us

St. George Technology has been in operation since 1993. As part of the Makevale Group, we are dedicated to developing and manufacturing high grade bespoke polymers for distribution in North & South America.


Our forward thinking customers are assured of products that meet their exacting requirements through our group’s strong commitment to research and development, and our ability to solve their technical challenges.


We supply world class factories with the best reliability and reproducibility in the industry.


We have an established presence within dental, casting and embedment acrylics, and a growing presence in the precision investment casting and glass transport industries.


We work with many of the top dental brands as well as manufacturing the Excel Formula® range of products for the dental laboratory.


The Excel Formula® range of easy-to-use high-performance dental polymers meets the core needs of the dental laboratory and enables the production of long lasting, high quality work, quickly and efficiently. They are distributed in the United States and Canada through leading dental suppliers.


We are small enough to care and to consistently deliver high levels of technical support and customer service.

Makevale began thirty years ago as a UK family business and our commitment to innovation saw rapid expansion. Today we are acknowledged leaders in the development and production of custom-made polymers for dental, medical, casting and industrial applications.


We invented the world’s first cadmium-free dental polymer and continue to bring pioneering products to the market. Makevale is one of very few companies producing high-grade PMMA for medical use and we also private label for the majority of the top dental firms worldwide.


We have expanded into America, Europe and Asia, but remain the last fully independent, UK-owned acrylic manufacturer in Europe and are significant suppliers to the acrylic nails, glue, molding, glass transport and coatings industries.