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Partnered with Makevale Ltd, St. George Technology is the industry leader in high performance polymers and custom acrylics.  Our high-performance materials create dynamic opportunities for Medical Products to Cosmetic Nails and many other Industrial Applications.

Excel® Formula

Dental Products

Used by thousands of dentists and dental labs every year, our Excel®Formula dental acrylics can be used for dentures, molds, models and retainers.  Creating beauty and comfort for dental solutions that last.

Our versatile dental products provide proven results in the field, saving both time and money. Dental professionals are provided with the materials and support necessary to improve the quality of life for thousands of denture and prosthetic wearers around the globe.

Dental Acrylics

Orthodontic Acrylics

Dental Wax

Lab Putty

Lab Accessories

 Innovation, Imagination and Creativity…

Our staff of chemists and engineers commit to research and development that extends far beyond standard technology. St. George Technology’s acrylic polymers, provide the highest degree of patient comfort, confidence and satisfaction. 

Cosmetic Nail Powders and Liquids

Powders & Liquids

Cosmetic Nail

The latest trends in cosmetic nail applications just got even better.

Using our polymers and monomers, salons and nail technicians provide their clients with the clearest nail acrylics and dipping powders in the industry. 

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Industrial Resin

Because of their durability and versatile nature, our polymer and acrylics are easily adapted for industrial products to fortify various projects in a number of fields.

With over 30 years of experience with industrial acrylics, our highly skilled chemists, located in each of our three manufacturing facilities, welcome the challenge on your next project.

Glass Interleavants


Acrylic Casting Resins

Investment Casting