Polymer & Acrylic Resins for Industrial Products


At St. George Technology, we develop, manufacture and supply an extensive line of acrylics and specialized polymers for several industrial industries

Investment Casting

St. George Technology produces the highest quality acrylic resin ideal for creating investment casting waxes.

Acrylic Casting Resins

From submarine cockpits to aquariums to marketing displays, St. George Technology’s acrylic casting resins have a diverse range of applications.

Glass Interleavants

Storage and Transport

St. George Technology is a leading manufacturer of glass transport interleavants. Our strict control on bead size satisfies the most critical demands in the glass transport market.


St George Technology’s clear casting resin is used to embed items like awards, memorabilia, souvenirs and gifts. We can modify the surface and the color of our embedment acrylic resins to accurately mimic any material, generating endless creative possibilities.

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