Acrylic Casting Resins

  • Clear casting resins have exceptional optical clarity, transparency and UV stability
  • Acrylic casting resins are chemically resistant, tough and resistant to scratches
  • Your custom acrylic fabrications find a perfect partner with St. George acrylic casting resins

From submarine cockpits to aquariums to marketing displays, St George Technology's acrylic casting resins have a diverse range of applications.

Our clear casting resins have exceptional optical clarity, transparency, colourability, impact and UV stability, as well as minimal shrinkage. Their chemical resistance, toughness and ability to resist breakages and scratching means they are perfect for indoor or outdoor use for custom acrylic fabrications.

St George Technology acrylic casting resins can be tailored to your specifications. We can create custom acrylic for extra toughness or fire retarding properties. We can also tweak our product to give optimum particle sizes and vary the molecular weight. We are also able to tailor pour and setting times.

Please contact our business development team if you’d like to know more about our clear casting resins and to receive detailed specification sheets and instructions. Our wide range of acrylic resins should have products to match your requirements. We have a proven track record in producing custom acrylic resins with unique properties, so if you’d like to develop a new casting product our R&D team would love to hear from you

We can create custom acrylic casting resins for extra toughness or fire retarding properties.

For sales enquiries or any additional information do not hesitate to contact us

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