Excel Formula®

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excel-formula-brochureA range of easy-to-use high-performance dental polymers that meets the core needs of the dental laboratory and enables the production of long lasting, high quality dental acrylic work, quickly and efficiently.

The Excel Formula® dental range was developed by St. George Technology’s parent company Makevale Group, whose materials are used by most of the top 10 dental corporations.

All our dental materials are online and our shop fully stocked with Excel Formula® dental acrylics in all shades and package sizes. Order before 12pm EST and we will ship your order the same day.

Excel Formula® dental lab products are also stocked by all major dental supplies companies.
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Excel Formula®

Hi-Impact Pourable Denture Base

Hi-Impact Pourable is one of the strongest and toughest denture base pour acrylics available, and combines this with having the best handling characteristics that can be achieved....

Excel Formula®

Heat Cure Denture Base

Finally, a higher impact denture base that combines superior workability with a quick cure option! Excel Formula® Heat Cure Denture base is a lab technician’s dream. Guaranteed...

Excel Formula®

Ultra-Hi Heat Cure Denture Base

Move up to the platinum standard, and use the Excel Formula® Ultra-Hi (Heat Cure) denture base material today! This High Impact material combines high impact strength along...

Excel Formula®

Pourable Denture Base

State-of-the-science dental polymer now brings unprecedented performance to pourable dental acrylics. With Excel Formula® Pourable Denture Base Materials, lab technicians can at last enjoy a pourable base...

Excel Formula®

Denture Repair Material

It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s strong… and it matches the entire Excel Formula® dental product range! The shade is so precise that you will not be able...

Excel Formula®

Orthodontic Resin

Excel Formula® Ortho Resin is not only readily wettable, but its uniform grain size makes it resistant to slumping, so you can control the flow during built-up....

Excel Formula®

Duplicating Material

Dupaloid is an all-purpose reversible duplicating material. This product is ideal for duplicating refractory, plaster and stone models. Excellent detail and accuracy with Ethyl silicate and other...

Excel Formula®

Bite Rims & Baseplate Wax

St. George is now offering a Premium Wax line to complement its well renowned Denture Base Acrylic line. Our waxes have been specially formulated to offer Higher...

Excel Formula®

Lab Putty

Excel Formula® Lab Putty introduces yet another level of performance and excellence to the lab. With a great chemical makeup and shore hardness of 85, you are...

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Solutions, shade guides and more - St George offer a variety of shade guides and solutions available to buy online.

Material Samples

Request a FREE sample pack of powder and liquid in your chosen color shade and experience the Excel Formula® difference. - Samples are free but shipping must...

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