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Why We Develop Custom Products

We partner with our customers to develop remarkable products that match their unique specifications. Their objective may be to achieve supplier diversity, lower their material cost or optimize product performance. Our customized products achieve their targeted performance with product integrity and repeatability. 

Custom Means Unique and Amazing

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to tailor handling characteristics such as work and set times. We adjust these by varying molecular weight, particle size and copolymer balances through the formulation and manufacturing process. Our tight control allows us to produce powders with the required level of finished product performance such as porosity, impact resistance and fracture toughness.

We use highly accurate color-matching technology, and spectrophotometer devices to measure spectral variation and opacity depth. However, the toughest test of all is the scrutiny of trained eyes that inspect each batch.

Case Study

A global manufacturer was experiencing a problem with the  clarity of a supplier’s material. Our extensive knowledge on the behavior of optical clarity within acrylics,  allowed us to develop a new material with the required non-yellowing characteristics. The new formulation was designed to accommodate their existing manufacturing process, and was successfully scaled up to volume production.

Contact Us

If you are a manufacturer or private label distributor with a custom requirement or want us to match an existing specification, contact our business development team today! We have a wide range of materials and a proven track record in developing world class acrylic nail and powder materials. 

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